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2003. 11. 17. - Is it okay to prune lilac bushes in the fall and, if so, how much is too much to prune back? One of the few plants that survived my garden renovation was an old, overgrown lilac. I saved it because it blocked the view of my neighbor's garage and, more . 2016. 7. 5. - Most lilacs don't require pruning until they reach about six to eight feet tall. The best time for pruning lilac bushes is right after their flowering has ceased. This allows new shoots plenty of time to develop the next season of blooms. Pruning lilacs too late can kill young developing buds. Shrubs that lose their leaves in winter (deciduous) can be easily renovated by drastic pruning. Renovating evergreen shrubs is slightly more difficult. Q: What's the best way to prune lilac bushes so they'll bloom every year? 2009. 6. 18. - Renovating a very large, older lilac is a more labor intensive task, and . For further information on the pruning of lilacs and all woody trees and . 2014. 4. 7. - I find lilacs superb plants for situations such as the melding of the more . Otherwise, if you carry out renovation pruning on an old lilac that has . 2016. 6. 5. - Lilac bushes in full bloom. . In the UK and Ireland, we have the great benefit of enjoying a . If you have an old shrub that's not performing great, you can do some gradual renovation pruning, removing one third of old .