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A great advantage of gold is that you can store it as an investment in very small spaces. One of the only disadvantage of the Maple Leaf is the coins high level of gold purity. Gold is very soft and as a result, the Maple Leaf can be susceptible to surface scratches. Gold Maple Leaf coins have real value and take up real space, so you need a way to securely store the Gold coins. Whether it is Canadian Gold coins, vintage . The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf (GML) is a gold bullion coin that is issued annually by the . In 2013, a laser-micro-engraved textured maple leaf was added on a small area of the reverse (Maple Leaf) side of the coin. In the centre of this mark . The Maple Leaf was the world's first pure gold bullion coin when it was introduced in 1979. Stuck at the Royal Canadian Mint in 99.99% pure gold, today the gold Maple Leaf, along with the Maples in platinum and silver, are recognized and traded the world over. Gold Maple Leafs and Silver Maple Leafs are receiving packaging makeovers, . Further, because of the design of the coins and the tight-fitting tubes, it is difficult . The new packaging also will require more storage space for Gold Maple Leafs . Armstrong Gold Maple ~ Narrow columnar tree with dense deep green foliage. . is noted for it's narrow upright habit, making it a perfect tree for tight spaces. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin series is one of the more diverse options available to those buying gold. Available in a 1 oz weight, the coin also features a . To consider time/space to be doing the same was overwhelming to her. . Nigar, Aimone, and Laurita sat at the small table in the Board Room for the Foundation. . The foundation has 1,000 shares of Apple, 200 gold Canadian Maple Leaf . The original issue of the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin from the Royal Canadian Mint consisted only of a 1 oz gold choice. The primary coin in the series, the 1 .