hot hamster back legs not working

A hamster that can't walk because its back legs don't work is a sign of a hind limb problem. This could be caused by: inactivity, injury, old age or more. Pepper is not using her back legs, she drags them when she walks (her . anyway for now just need to make sure she eats and drinks, and keep her body temp warm. . Can wet tail cause her back legs not to work properly? 2011. 7. 27. - What would cause an older hamster to suddenly drag its rear legs? . If your hamster is dragging his legs behind him. Posted by Chewy. 2009. 7. 8. - It was dragging both of them, propelled only by its front legs. . In some hamsters, the disorder never progresses beyond back leg paralysis. Other possible causes of a hamster dragging its back legs include a broken bone or severe constipation. Check to be sure Jake is passing normal droppings. If not, that would also be cause for a vet visit. Treatment for a broken leg would be similar to that for a stroke. 2013. 8. 4. - Her back legs seem to be weak and she walks a bit frog-legged, dragging them with a wobbly gait. She gets knocked over by the young onesĀ . To treat the shock, be sure to keep the hamster warm, and let her rest in a dark place, . Should I put my hamster in a cage by herself if her back leg is broken? 2011. 9. 14. - I noticed my hamster not coming out to play at nite time but thought not to disturb . Took him out and realized he's dragging his hind legs!!! as they dont store enough fat up to keep them going) is he kept in a warm place? Hamster Not Walking Well. . Scurvy - if you don't provide enough vitamin C to your hamster, then it may develop the condition known as scurvy. In serious cases, this disease can paralyse your pet's back legs or cause them to seize up, forcing your hamster to hop around.